If you are here, you probably need some help with the world.
Why don't you just read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below and you should be sorted.  

If not, then post your questions on our Feedback Page or just drop us a mail on chimpoo[at]chimpoo[dot]com

1.  How do I get a Free Account?

Can't change your Chimpoo's name? You gotta get an account then. It's free. Here is how you can go about it

  1. Click on the button at the bottom right corner of the screen.

  2. Fill up the form.

  3. Click on the 'Submit' button.

  4. Check your email for the Activation Mail and click on the 'Activate Free Account' button in the email to activate your account!


PS: If you don't find the mail in your inbox, check your Spam Folder, it may have landed up there.

2. What is an 'Activation Mail'?

Once you are done setting up your Account, we send an Activation Mail to the email address you had entered while creating your account.


All you have to do is, click on the link present in the Activation Mail.

Your account will then be activated instantly and you can go bananas on www.chimpoo.com!

Note: If you don’t find our mail in your Inbox, it has probably ended up in your Spam Folder. Check it out there and if you find it, mark us as ‘Not Spam‘.

3. How do I sign in to my account?

Can't sign in? It's simple! Just follow these steps:

  1. When you go to www.chimpoo.com, click on the button present there.

  2. Then click on the button in the pop-up.

  3. In the 'Sign In' pop-up, enter the Chimpoo Name you chose when you created your account and put in your Password.

  4. Finally, hit 'Play' and you are good to go!

4. What are Golden Bananas? How do I get them?

Chimpoo.com has started a piggy bank and the money in it is called Golden Bananas (GBs).


You can win Golden Bananas then buy yourself exclusive cool stuff in the world with it.

If you wanna get your hands on some Golden Bananas click here..

5. What is a Chimpoo passport? How can I see it?

A Chimpoo Passport looks like the image shown on the right. It tells you all about a Chimpoo. You can click on any Chimpoo to see their passport and on 'your Chimpoo for your passport.

6. How do I play games? Where are they?

We have games all around the world. When you are on the beach you can click on different items like the Beach Ball, the Starfish, the Crab Trampoline etc and play the games!

7.  I want new clothes for my Chimpoo. How do I buy them?

Chimpoo World keeps launching new and stylish clothes for your Chimpoo. You can check out the clothes in Ć Mode Catalog.

To get to the Catalog, you have to click on the bottom panel of the screen.

Once you get there, just flip through it, choose what you want and click on the Buy tag.

The clothes will then appear on the right hand page of your Passport. Click on the clothes to try them on your Chimpoo.

8.  Where is my house? How do I go to it?

Chimpoo's can have many homes! You can choose to live in a Candy Palace or a Space Station and much more. To get your Chimpoo a new house click on the 'My House' icon in the bottom panel.


Or you could just click on your Chimpoo, go to your passport and click on the 'House' icon to get there.

9.  My house looks empty. Where can I get more stuff for my house?

Chimpoo World introduces plenty of cool stuff for your house. You can check it all out in Décor Catalog.

To get to the catalog, you need to click on the 'Home Decor' icon when you are in your Sand Castle.

Once there, you can flip through it, choose what you like and buy it by clicking on the 'Buy' tag.

All the things that you bought will then get stored in your collection in your Sand Castle.

To decorate your Sand Castle you need to:

1. Click on in your house to view the list of items you've bought.

2. Drag & drop the items in and out of your house from the Your Collection panel.

3. Click on the item to move it or click on these icons to rotate it.

4. Close the Your Collection panel to save your house.



10.  How do I go to other Chimpoos' houses?

You can check out any Chimpoo's house. Just open up their passport (by clicking on them) and click on the 'House' icon present there.

11.  I want to make faces. How do I do that?

Click on 'Smileys' icon on the bottom panel and click on any face you want to make.

12.  I'm bored of my Chimpoo's color. How can I change it?

Yes! Chimpoos can change colors. But only Chimpoo World Members can do that.

You can find different colors for you Chimpoo in Ć Mode Catalog with the outfits.

13. How do I communicate with other people?

In the bottom panel click on the C-Talk button.

Once you click on the C-Talk Button you will see the following options.

1. Chit-Chat

2. Secret Mail

3. Shouts

14. How do I Add Buddies?

1. Click on the Chimpoo you want to be Buddies with.

2. Click on the 'ADD' Button which will appear on the left side inside Chimpoo's passport.

3. A buddy request will then be sent to that particular Chimpoo.

Note: You will be able to chat or send a secret mail to your Buddies only after they have accepted your Buddy request.

Also you will not be able to add a guest as your Buddy.

15. How do I Chat?

1. Click on the C Talk icon in the bottom panel.

2. There you will see the Chit-Chat button.

3. Clicking on it will take you to your Buddy list in your passport.

4. Just click on the Chat Icon next to the Buddy's name you want to chat with.

5. A chat window will then open up on the right hand side of your passport.

6. Once you start typing your message in the chat window, you will see predictive chat options appear.

7. Select the message from the given options by clicking on them as they appear.

8. You can chat with a maximum of 3 buddies at a time.

Note: If after typing a message you do not select one of the predictive chat options and continue to press the enter key, the message will not go across.

But the messages will be reviewed and added to the list for you to use the next time around.

We hope these FAQs helped you, if not, you can drop us a mail on chimpoo[at]chimpoo[dot]com